Below are our 60 minute sample setlists for corporate events. Each sample is based on a particular genre of repertoire. These sample setlists give a good indication of how we put together a setlist and what kind of music combinations work well together.

You can use these examples to help you make your choice of genre for your playlist. Once you have chosen your genre you can then specify any special requests from our repertoire you would also like us to include.

Please note when choosing music for your event we would not expect you to come up with your whole setlist (unless you wanted to of course!). What we ask you to do is specify which genre you would like, and any special requests you would like included in the setlist. Then we would put one together for you. We then send this to you together with the schedule for approval and adjust to your preference if required.

Pop/rock/indie 60 minute sample

Classical 60 minute sample

Jazz 60 minute sample

Mix of Jazz and Pop/rock/indie 60 minute sample

Mix of everything (Classical, Jazz and Pop/rock/indie) 60 minute sample