How to choose music for corporate events

After you have confirmed your booking and paid your deposit we will ask you to think about what music you would like.

This step by step guide on choosing music for your event covers music for corporate events, garden parties and other functions.

Step 1 – Setlist

Choose your genre and any special requests from our repertoire. The most important thing to remember is that we do not expect you to choose your whole setlist for the event (unless you want to). What we recommend is to choose your genre, and then select a few special requests that you would like us to play on top of that. Click here to see sample setlists recommended for corporate events and functions.

Step 2 – Contact Us with your choices

After making your choice of genre and special requests, contact us and we put together your schedule and setlist.

Step 3 – Arranging services

We need to know as soon as possible if you would like us to arrange a song that is not in our repertoire. Please note we charge a £25 fee per request to use our arranging service.

Step 4 – We send you a complete schedule and setlist

We will put together a complete schedule and playlist for your event based on your choice of genre and special requests. We will then send this to you for approval. Should you wish to make any changes we will adjust the schedule and playlist to your specifications.